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Welcome to Origin Flowers. We grow beautiful seasonal flowers in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. We offer posy deliveries, workshops at our flower farm & we can even grow and create all the flower arrangements for your wedding.


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We would love to grow your wedding flowers. Get in touch to discuss your colour palette and we’ll get started growing your seasonal blooms.


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About Us

It started with a group of friends growing vegetables and keeping chickens, wanting to learn more about what it means to live more sustainably.

We then realised that to grow vegetables you need to grow flowers to attract bees for pollination. After this I realised that the best thing about growing flowers is that you can get varieties that florists/supermarkets don’t sell and I was hooked.

At Origin, our flowers are seasonal, natural and a little wild. From seed to harvest we work with nature and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the garden. All our bouquets are unique as no two seasons are ever the same. The Northern Irish weather can be quite unpredictable.

We love creating arrangements and seeing the flowers grow and develop. It’s just the beginning of the Origin story and through the hard times of persistent rain and wind to the awesome times of sunshine and harvest it’s a very enjoyable journey.

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