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What started with a tiny polytunnel and a couple of raised beds has blossomed into a beautiful flower farm, vegetable growing collective and events space. Victoria started growing wild flowers to help with biodiversity on the vegetable plot and caught the floral bug!

Since 2018 Origin flowers has continually expanded, each year finding another space for more flowers. Our weddings and workshops have increased and we now have a fabulous full diary each year. The story is still being told and each year brings another challenge and opportunity to grow.

What We Do

As a floral designer and flower grower I love meeting everyone who comes to an event or purchases flowers from Origin. Our workshops are as relaxing as they are informative and we love creating space for wellness and retreat. Our weddings are wild and romantic with all the seasonal pickings that lend themselves to beautiful displays. We sell flower bouquets from March until October. Our seasonal bouquets are eco friendly and harvested straight from our fields. We host private parties, hen parties and birthday parties.

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Origin Flowers

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All that's seasonal for Rebecca who came all the way from Michigan πŸ’• 

Also, I love Americans!
Getting all my seeds in order for this year's weddings. Love the planning stage and can't wait to see flowers like this again. Sweet pea, phlox, zinnias, phacaelia, Ammi, frosted explosion grass, Achillea, verbena, apricot lemonade cosmos, dahlias and raspberry leaf. 

Yum yum
1st February πŸŽ‰ 
Not long until the spring flowers arrive πŸ’•

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It's snowing!! 

Not a frequent occurrence for us in NI so going to enjoy it while it lasts. 

There's not much that can be done outside but there's always tasks for a flower farmer to do. 

What are your top jobs for a snowy day? 

#flowerfarm #flowerfarming #snowday
#flowerfarmersyear #farmjobs

Origin Flowers, Dirraw Road
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