Through the Seasons

At each stage of each season our flower farm looks very different.


In the spring months the foliage is returning to the trees and shrubs, the autumn planted bulbs are making an appearance and there are new seedlings popping up. Our specialty tulips, ranunculus, stocks and narcissi are top of the list for cutting. Our bouquets are filled with these spring blooms and seasonal foliage.


In summer the fields are abundant and we work hard to keep up with all the harvesting. Roses, sweet pea and delphinium in the early summer months and dahlias, sunflowers and chrysanthemums in the late summer months. There is so much to choose from all summer long. We plant what we love, mostly annuals, some biennials and hopefully more and more perennials!


In autumn the flowers are still going strong, right until first frost. The Dahlias are still blooming and the grasses & seedheads are at their best. The fiery foliage and berries make autumnal flowers some of the best.


In winter our fields fade and we get ready for the Christmas wreath season. We forage through the hedges for berries, evergreens and branches. We don't have flowers in winter and use the season as a 'rest and prepare' for the next season.

It's all seasonal and we've had a sustainable ethos right from the start. We don't use pesticides and are continually looking for ways to improve our biodiversity.

Origin Flowers

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All that's seasonal for Rebecca who came all the way from Michigan πŸ’• 

Also, I love Americans!
Getting all my seeds in order for this year's weddings. Love the planning stage and can't wait to see flowers like this again. Sweet pea, phlox, zinnias, phacaelia, Ammi, frosted explosion grass, Achillea, verbena, apricot lemonade cosmos, dahlias and raspberry leaf. 

Yum yum
1st February πŸŽ‰ 
Not long until the spring flowers arrive πŸ’•

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It's snowing!! 

Not a frequent occurrence for us in NI so going to enjoy it while it lasts. 

There's not much that can be done outside but there's always tasks for a flower farmer to do. 

What are your top jobs for a snowy day? 

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#flowerfarmersyear #farmjobs

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